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Feedback, Private Tour, Netherlands-Germany, April 2019

USA / 2 Pax

Miller Incoming made planning our multi-country trip very easy. Our trip advisor was thorough and worked side-by-side with me to make sure that each day of our journey was what we had hoped for. We visited Netherlands and Germany over 10 days with short detours to see parts of Austria and France. We were met with private drivers and tour guides who understood our interests and maximized our available time. From castles and historic churches to fields of tulips as far as the eye can see, our trip was rich in everything for all the senses.

We enjoyed comparing and contrasting the cultures of Amsterdam and Berlin and Bavaria. Day trips were augmented with unexpected stops to visit regional sites and taste local delicacies. Our tour guides were more than just drivers and history teachers. They were ambassadors to the local cultures and vibes. We learned a lot about our region just through casual conversation. Everything we saw made us want to spend a full week absorbing each and every step.

It's hard to wish for a change in anything we did because it was all so interesting. However, if we had more time, I think we would have enjoyed taking one day off to just savor an area in between tour days. One day on, one day off. Otherwise, we wouldn't change a thing. Miller Incoming made this a life memory for us.


Feedback, Private Tour 3 Pax, Frankfurt-Coburg-Wittenberg-Potsdam-Eisenach-Rothenburg-Rüdesheim, 24.10.-09.11.2018

Feedback, Private Luther Tour, Berlin-Wittenberg-Leipzig-Erfurt, July 2018

USA / 2 Pax

“We completed our tour yesterday and arrived in Frankfurt.  I would like to thank you and the Miller Incoming team for another fantastic tour with so much memorable sites.

Above all, your excellent service and kind responses supporting our tour has been the nicest part of this great experience.

We'll highly recommend the tours to our friends and families.  If there is something I can do to help Miller Incoming's US marketing, I am really interested in supporting the team and help expand your US customer base!”


Feedback, Private Tour 2 Pax, South Germany & Switzerland, 15.06.-08.07.2018

Feedback, Train Tours, Vienna-Graz-Hallstatt-Salzburg-Munich, March 2017

USA / 3 Pax

“Now, everything and I do mean everything went so amazing well and with such professionalism the trip was off the charts.  In addition our niece won a Bronze Medal at the Special Olympics so that was icing on the cake.

Our flights were on time and we had no problems at any airport. We were met at the Vienna airport by a young man who drove us to our hotel and presented us with a packet of vouchers for all our hotels, train tickets for each destination and vouchers for each of the personal tours we scheduled.

All the hotels were first rate, clean and well appointed and breakfast at each was always attractive, wonderful to eat and accompanied my friendly staff.  Hotel selections were wonderful and the desk attendant at each was very helpful.

Each of our train reservations came with the appropriate tickets, car and seating assignments and train travel throughout the region was excellent.
Don't get me started on Hallstatt.  We felt we were dropped into the movie Heidi. A beautiful alpine type village that was so lovely. A one-day trip to be sure but well worth the time for people traveling between Vienna and Salzburg.  Train station is nothing more than a concrete platform but when you look around you can see the village across a lovely lake and you're high enough up in the mountains that you feel you can touch the clouds.  A short (6-minute) boat ride takes you across the lake and once again the hotel was wonderful. I had forgotten much of my world history and the fact most of the region was established 1500-2000 years ago I loved the hotel in Hallstatt because of the wooden staircases and the slight creaky sounds that came with every footfall.The attention to detail in our rooms and the excellent breakfast we enjoyed before heading out to Salzburg.

Salzburg.  After our arrival at the hotel we were met by our first tour guide. He was very knowledgeable and polite and fun to be with. He spent more than the 3 hours allotted for the tour with us and his background and his attention to the history helped make this a great afternoon.  The next morning we were met by a different guide but from the same agency. The company was the best. Punctual, clean and comfortable new Mercedes Benz automobiles.  He, too, was fantastic.  Our 4 hour Sound of Music tour was much closer to 5 hours and full of great vistas, information about the region and the movie and  a small snack at his expense. Everything about Salzburg was a delight and we could have spent even more time there. In fact, we're looking at a Christmas River Tour in early December that includes Salzburg.
Our experience was so wonderful and made easy because of your efforts and expertise. 

Miller certainly was a great choice for handling the Austrian connections and they performed superbly..”


Feedback, Private Tour 2 Pax, North & South Germany, 04.12.-17.12.2016

Feedback, Private Tour, Frankfurt-Wiesbaden-Cologne-Hamelin-Hamburg-Berlin-Dresden-Mödlareuth-Bayreuth-Nuremberg-Rothemburg-Munich-Neuschwanstein-Black Forest-Heidelberg, December 2016

USA / 2 Pax

“Thanks again for all your hard work and we look forward to finalizing our booking with yourself and Miller Incoming (by far the best travel organization that we extensively have looked at!)

Please let me know if you need any additional information.”


Feedback, Private Tour - Barrier Free, Hamburg-Munich, September 2016

USA / 3 Pax

“Finally Mrs. X is back in Texas and adjusted from her trip. She loved
everything about Germany, Jamil was spectacular and was “part of the
family.” The guides in Munich were also wonderful and helpful but “it
was hard to be like Jamil.”

The Charles hotel was her favorite of her entire trip “I love that hotel.”

All and all Nan could not say anything but praise and congratulations
to you and everyone in Germany she worked with. “my vacation was
perfect and seamless and wheelchair accessible.”

When I received her written evaluation I’ll forward it to you. Thank
you again so much.”


Feedback, Private Tour, Dusseldorf-Koblenz-Aachen-Cologne, September 2016

Feedback, Shore Excursions starting from Warnemünde, August 2016

USA / 5 pax

"I just spoke with the agent and the pax said they had an AMAZING time. They were very very happy with all of the touring and loved the guides.

Thank you again for all of the work you put in on this and making it perfect! I appreciate everything you did!!"


Feedback, Private Tour, Romantic Germany & Castles, July 2016

Australia / 4 Pax

“I have just spoken with M.P. regarding the Germany part of their time in Europe and they could not fault it. They had the most wonderful time and said that Miller Incoming were excellent and their guide 'Dirk' was outstanding.

So thank you for your assistance with this booking, I know that there was a lot of going back and forth, but we got there!”


Feedback, Private Tour, Nuremberg-Schwäbisch Hall-Rothenburg-Dinkelsbühl-Nördlingen-Augsburg-Garmisch Partenkirchen-Neuschwanstein-Munich, June 2016

Canada / 2 Pax

Here are his notes related to the services handled by Miller Incoming from Nuremberg to Munich:
" Nuremburg: Our debarkation from the ship and where we met up with our driver/guide for the next six days. Dirk Ludecke was a guide supreme. He knows Germany like the back of his hand and speaks, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and a few other languages. Dirk put on classical music that was composed in or about the areas that we drove 110 MPH through. To make a long story short our first two days were spent in Schwaebisch Hall where I was stationed in the Army. We had the perfect room in a hotel that still has parts from the 1,400’s in the old city center. Dirk was able to arrange a private tour of the military museum (which was not open) at the old army post and was shocked in that it was the same building that I worked in for two and a half years and the museum was in the basement area that housed the guard room and special weapons (nukes).  It was then a fast forward and things got screwed up. In Hall my CPAP machine started malfunctioning and quit when we arrived In Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Three days with partial or no sleep started taking its toll. Last two days we were scheduled to tour Oberammergau and the King Ludwigs Neuschwanstein castle and then the day before our departure a tour of Munich but this was turned around.  In Garmisch Dirk took me to this small local hospital and after discussions with a doctor and seeing images of my Res Med CPAP machine on a computer it was suggested that the next day we drive to Munich a visit a Res Med facility.  We arrived in Munich around 9 AM at this eight story Res Med building. Much German was spoken between Dirk and this young lady and were told to come back at 3 PM for what I did not know. 
Well since things were in reverse we toured Munich which was actually a nice tour.  We saw the grounds of the 1972 Olympics that still had these nylon tent structures that covered acres of land and looked like they were constructed a few years ago. Then just across the street was BMW World, Rolls-Royce, Mini and Mini Cooper, 1956 Micro car, and BMW bikes all on display in a fantastic structure. One could order a car and have it delivered to the site and drive it down three floors past stunned tourists. No cars are made in Munich but the BMW bike production facility is just next door.
After the tour and arriving back to the Res Med facility and more German spoken I was told that electric converter was fried and was given a new one at no charge, possibly an $400 item.  Back to Garmisch and the finish of our tour the next day.
I would recommend Miller Incoming for a road tour for anyone. "


Feedback, Private Tour, Hamburg-BergenBelsen-Berlin-Münchberg-Ahorntal-Munich, May 2016

Canada / 3 Pax

"Our guide Jurgen was very friendly, kind, patient, shared lots of information and was a great driver. As well, he went out of his way to make sure that we found out about our family, and learned about Germany. Jurgen helped us tremendously in Munchberg at the Rathuis to get information on F.’s family and even found the restaurant where F.’s parents got married and so much more.  Discovering our family roots was the key reason for this trip and it exceeded our!!! All of the local guides were excellent. They were ‘over the moon’ thrilled with their experience in Germany.
Thanks so much for selecting Jurgen for our family. The trip was a success because of him. Please pass on my personal thanks to him as well.
It was a very successful trip!"


Feedback, Private Tour, Munich-Innsbruck-Salzburg-Vienna, May 2016

Feedback, Private Tour, Romantic Germany, December 2015

Feedback, Private Excursions, Munich and Frankfurt, September 2015

Canada / 2 Pax

"I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful arrangements you provided for Mr. M. and his wife during his time in Germany. They had such a great time. I just received this email from him today: 'Meisenheim was great and having that special arrangement you made to have the mayor drive us around and even give us three beautiful books about Waldallgesheim was fantastic.' "


Feedback, Private Tour, Karlsruhe-Zurich, August 2015

Australia / 5 Pax

"Our group has recently returned and are most complimentary of the day tour you arranged for them. We have received the following email from the clients:
‘The one thing I would like to say is that the company who provided our private tour from Karlsruhe to Zurich were very very good and I would recommend they to anyone. We cannot speak highly enough of the driver, such a pleasant, helpful, informative and happy person. Made the day so much more enjoyable.
Thank you again for the arrangements you made for us.'


Feedback, Train Tour Germany-Switzerland-Amsterdam, July 2015

USA / 2 Pax

“I just wanted to let you know that I met with the clients yesterday and they just wanted to tell me what an incredible trip they had to Europe.  They ABSOLUTELY loved their trip, your operator there in Europe Miller Incoming was superb, they went above and beyond for my clients, and gave them the trip of their lives.  TThe hotels were incredible...The Waldorf in Amsterdam and the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa in Interlaken were their favorites...”


Feedback, Individual Tailormade Tour, Zurich-Interlaken-Munich-Rothenburg-Nuremberg-Amsterdam, July 2015

USA / 2 Pax

“Good Morning, thank you for writing.  I should have known, LOL...given how GREEN these clients are in international travel.  I greatly appreciateall your help, and I have been staying in touch with my clients and their trip is going ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  They are texting me these pictures that are just unbelievable.  They are having a wonderful everything is going perfectly.   The Miller company has been incredible.  I greatly appreciate everything.”


Feedback, Individual Tailormade Tour, Berlin-Nürnberg-Munich-Füssen-Black Forest-Frankfurt, May 2015

USA / 2 Pax

"I promised to let you know how our trip went after our return last Tuesday.  Well, it was  very good, beyond our expectations.  The hotels you booked us into were outstanding, probably the best in each city, and the hotel employees were very accommodating and most of them spoke English very well.  The breakfasts were outstanding.  Our only complaint was about the bread.  It was so good that we were "forced" into eating too much of it with the resultant waistline expansion we experienced.

The tours that were planned for us were always punctual and the guides quite knowledgeable about what we were seeing, giving us ample time during the several stops we made with each. 

If you will remember, I had asked for a travel plan with plenty of down time with respect to our age and physical limitations.  This was a very good idea, as both my wife and I needed every minute of it.  We never could have endured a trip where one is on the go from morning to night.

Very cordially yours, CB"


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