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NEWSLETTER: Black Forest in sports car

Take-off, maximum engine power, drive to the limit!
Cruising elegantly while enjoying the elegant design of an exclusive vehicle!
Feel freedom, the wind in your face, become one with the sports car!

Please find here our Newsletter  "Black Forest in sports car".

NEWSLETTER SPECIAL: Road Trips in Sports Cars

In typical German cars you can enjoy some exhilarating drives in Germany and especially in Southern Germany and across the Alps. Germany has more than 150 themed holiday routes that offer exceptional driving experiences through captivating landscapes and regions. Enjoy a guided self-drive road trip with other participants!

Please find here our Newsletter Specials "Southern Germany"  and "Across the Alps".

Family Travel in Germany and Switzerland

There are many reasons why Central Europe is the perfect destination for a comfortable and enjoyable family holiday. The cultures of Central Europe take children seriously and you will find a wide selection of attractive leisure options that are not just for children but that the whole family will enjoy. Germany, for example, features famous amusement parks. For lovers of nature and animals we recommend an idyllic holiday stay on a local farm.

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NEWSLETTER SPECIAL: Opera in Baden-Baden

When we talk about Germany’s great opera houses, the Festspielhaus in Baden Baden, at the foot of the Black Forest, can hold its own against grand names such as the Dresden Semper Opera and the Berlin Philharmonic. Boasting worldwide acclaimed acoustics, the venue hosts a diverse program of musical performances by world-class international artists.

Please find our Newsletter Special "Opera in Baden-Baden" here.

NEWSLETTER SPECIAL: Germany and Technology

German history is filled with technological innovations that have made a great contribution to our world. This is reflected in the large number of science and technology museums. This tour includes a visit to at least two extraordinary museums that will give you greater insight into the world of science and technology, while giving you plenty of time to enjoy the scenic city of Stuttgart and the famous landscapes of Lake Constance.

Please find our Newsletter Special "Germany and its technology" here.

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