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For a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience book a private tour. Our brochure includes many suggested itineraries to inspire your travels. Design your own travel program for you and your partner, family or friends and tailor the tour entirely to your interests, rhythm and preferences. We will complement your itinerary with the expert advice of our local guides and ensure that you can simply relax and enjoy the trip. You will be accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide during the entire tour.

Climate and recommending clothing:
Germany‘s climate is a combination of temperate and maritime. In the summer (between May and September), temperatures are quite pleasant, so light clothing is recommended. However, we also recommend bringing a light coat and sweater, especially when travelling to mountain regions. In the spring and fall (April and October) the weather can be unstable and ranges from pleasantly mild temperatures (around 20° C/68°F) to below 0 degrees Celsius (30°F), so we recommend bringing some winter clothes. Between November and March, visitors should bring plenty of warm winter clothing and appropriate footwear for rain and snow, as temperatures will be around zero degrees Celsius (30° F) or lower and it may snow. Any time of year we recommend packing an umbrella and arain jacket.

All the hotels on our tours have been carefully selected. Most hotels are located in the center of the city and breakfast is always included. Hotels usually offer single and double rooms; triple rooms are not standard. However, upon request an additional bed may be provided.
Please note: Most hotel rooms in Germany don’t offer air-conditioning.
During holidays, conferences and special events, accommodations may only be available outside the city. Tours and excursions are usually not affected by these events.

Germany is a country full of history and many cities have beautifully preserved historic centers. Today, many city centers have been designed to be easily be explored on foot, a wonderful way
to promote a cleaner environment and provide an enjoyable experience. Our travel programs usually include some walking tours so we recommend bringing comfortable walking shoes.

Please note: each passenger is entitled to bringone medium-sized piece of luggage, with a maximum
weight of 30 kilos (66 pounds) free of charge. Please see our general terms and conditions.

Additional Services:
If you would like to book any additional services, such as an extended hotel stay, transfers, train tickets or any other services that aren‘t included in our travel program descriptions, please contact us prior to your trip. Subject to availability and your confirmation of prices and/or fees, we will be pleased to book any additional services.

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